“It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglas

From birth to adolescence children are vulnerable. They are in a time where the most critical pieces to who they are and who they will become are developing right before our eyes. Childhood is a time to learn and explore the endless possibilities. All children expect from the moment they arrive is that they will be cared for and looked after; that they will be guided and protected. They do not expect that factors outside of their control could dictate their future, and it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, we live in a time where medical, financial, developmental, linguistic, mental health and many other factors can cause barriers during this critical time. But we can change that.  Our future is shaped by the experiences and the development of these children. Whether that is a positive or negative outcome is our responsibility. It is up to us to ensure that all children have every resource they need and every opportunity to live, learn, work, and play in his or her community.

“Kasserian Ingera” is a phrase that the Masai tribe in Africa used to greet each other. Every day and every interaction began with “Kasserian Ingera” meaning “And how are the children.”  Whether they had children or not the members of the Masai tribe knew that the well-being of the children should be placed above all else and that caring for the well-being of the children meant the well-being of the whole tribe was positive. Once a warrior would ask “And how are the children” the traditional answer was “All the children are well.” This response meant that the conditions of the tribe were well. It meant that it was safe, that there was food and shelter, and that the most vulnerable members of the tribe had the optimal environment and opportunities to grow up healthy, strong, and with the knowledge they needed.

Together, we can all do our part to ensure the children in our community thrive. By advocating for their rights, keeping them safe, by providing access to quality and affordable education, and by ensuring nutritious meals and the access to critically needed care we can empower our children and strengthen our community.

The month of June we are putting a focus on the importance of the children. Why they are the focus of our efforts, how we each can help ensure their success, and spreading the knowledge that Children Matter. This month we would like you to join our #ChildrenMatter campaign by sharing and spreading our messages, by using #ChildrenMatter, by asking yourselves and each other “how are the children” and discussing ways we each share in answering “the children are well.”

Easterseals North Georgia helps to unlock the potential that lies within every child. Starting at birth and at every critical point throughout their childhood, ESNG is there creating solutions that change lives. We have a vision of a world where all children can realize their dreams. If you would like to join us in making a difference in the lives of young children, their families, and communities you can donate today and help continue to make essential programs and services possible.

Donate Now.

2016: A Year in Review and A Look Forward

The theme of 2016 at ESNG was expansion. We expanded our programs, reach, events and accreditations. Let’s take a look back at what we did as we get ready for a fun and exciting 2017.for blog

Last year, we piloted the innovative STEM in early education at our Brookvalley location. Thanks to funding from the Sibley Award and Frances Hollis Brain Foundation, we are expanding the program to our Guice, Mansell and Warsaw locations.

20151112_143926_resized Continue reading “2016: A Year in Review and A Look Forward”

#SuccessStartsHere: Volunteers

Every year, our corporate partners spend over 4,000 hours volunteering their time and talents to Easter Seals North Georgia. Volunteers read to and play with children, clean and sanitize classrooms or do something unique. One such group was from Turner Broadcasting.


Employees across Turner Broadcasting System – which includes CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, Turner Sports and many more – donated more than 2,000 books for infants to five-year-old children and their parents.

Team lead Colleen Sullivan met with ESNG several times to develop a plan for a new library in our Sylvan Hills location. Then, on Thursday, September 15, a team of 17 volunteers came to our child development center to do some hard work. For more than four hours, they built, painted and created the most beautiful library our kids have ever seen. Continue reading “#SuccessStartsHere: Volunteers”

Monthly wrap up – June & July

Don’t get mad at the messenger, but summer break is almost over! We did a lot in June and July and here’s a quick wrap up of our activities:



We hope you are enjoying the lazy days of summer. When we say lazy, though, we hope you don’t forget the importance of safety during the season of pools, beaches, sun, trips, insects, and heat! Just to help you out so you can go back to enjoying the fun, we’ve put together some quick safety tips.

Mansell Dad

They say that parenting is the hardest, yet most rewarding job. Dads play an equally important role in parenting as do mothers, but sometimes their importance gets overlooked. How do Dads make a difference? Here are just 5 of the many reasons why.


Don’t forget that it’s very important to make sure your kids continue to learn even though they are not going to school in the next couple of months. Here’s a look back at our tips to help you and your kids prevent summer brain drain.


At ESNG, we believe in inclusive learning. That includes summer camp. Meet Nicholas, who has spina bifida, who attends a fun and engaging summer camp – with just a few accommodations.

Around ESNG:


This month two of our centers, Brookvalley and Mansell, joined Premier Academy, Madison County, and Warsaw in receiving the prestigious Quality Rating from the Department of Early Care and Learning: Bright From the Start. According to Bright From the Start, “Quality Rated is Georgia’s system to determine, improve, and communicate the quality of programs that provide child care.” We are thrilled to be recognized for our staff’s hard work to educate vulnerable children in Atlanta and northeast Georgia.


Children at our Mansell location had an exciting visit from local emergency workers. Firefighters and paramedics came by and showed kids what they do to keep us safe. They also talked about what kids need to do to be safe in our communities.


Our STEM consultant, Garry Harris, was recognized by President Clinton for his achievements in STEM and early education. ESNG is excited to partner with Mr. Harris and have his expertise as we prepare our children with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful in school and life.


Office Depot Foundation generously donated 300 sackpacks filled with school supplies to us earlier this month. This donation ensures that our children will be ready to learn come August! Thank you, Office Depot.


Even though it’s summer time, that doesn’t slow down our volunteer program. We had six groups of corporate volunteers from Frazier Deeter, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kabbage, Cox Automotive, Salesforce, and UPS. These volunteers played with and read to our kids or painted and sanitized classrooms to get them ready for August!

Thank you to all these groups!
Here are photos from the events.

Monthly wrap up – April


April is a month in which we shine a light on autism spectrum disorder. We learn the signs and symptoms in young children, learn about therapies that can help children play and communicate, and meet children who received therapies to help them start school healthy and ready to learn. One of those children is Jacob. Read his story here.


In April, we also recognize the importance of volunteers. We spotlighted the work of one particular group, SIG, and the recycling project they helped implement at our Mansell center. Read that story here.

315 (1)

Around ESNG: 

This month two of our centers, Warsaw and Madison County, joined Premier Academy in receiving the prestigious Quality Rating from the Department of Early Care and Learning: Bright From the Start. According to Bright From the Start, “Quality Rated is Georgia’s system to determine, improve, and communicate the quality of programs that provide child care.” We are thrilled to be recognized for our staff’s hard work to educate vulnerable children in Atlanta and northeast Georgia.


Families at our Madison County center had a great time at the Home Depot’s Build with Dad. We love to incorporate fun ways to foster family time and to learn through doing. This is yet another great example of putting that into action.


One of the groups that came out to volunteer at our centers in April was Comcast NBC Universal. On Saturday, April 23, a day that they dedicate to volunteering in our community, a large group came to our Warsaw center. They cleaned, sanitized, and decorated the center since the children were out for the weekend. They also built a much-needed shed! Thank you, Comcast NBC Universal, and all the volunteer groups that helped us this month.


Thank you: 

Speaking of Thank You, we wanted to dedicate a special shout-out to this year’s sponsors for Topgolf. A huge woot to the following companies on behalf of the entire organization!

Comcast, CVS, Mitsubishi Electric, Century 21, US Foods, Jones and Kolb, PNC Bank, Creative Mischief, Fraternal Order of Police, Insperity, Cox Automotive and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

It’s not too late to sign up for the event. Check out topgolfevent.com for more information and to register.


Loving Mother Earth and Our Volunteers

“We were able to set up a recycling program inside the classrooms and play games about recycling with the children, it was fun for everyone!” SIG Volunteer Collin Shepard

Since this month we celebrate Earth Day and appreciate the work of our volunteers, we thought we’d spotlight a great recycling project one of our volunteer groups did at our Mansell location.

In April 2015, ESNG had the pleasure of hosting a volunteer group from Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) – a company’s whose mission is to “improve the built environment to inspire stewardship of the natural environment”. They quickly fell in love with Easter Seals’ mission, the child development center, and of course the children.


For the past year, a group from SIG has come out to Mansell and played with and read to the children several times. Last October they wanted to do something different. They worked with ESNG’s Volunteer Coordinator Linda to implement a recycling program at the center. They didn’t want just to show up with recycling bins and talk to the teachers, though. They knew it was important to teach the children about recycling and the part they play in our environment.IMG_5376

They started the project off by reading about recycling to the children.


Then, they did some great interactive activities with the children just to bring home how easy it is to recycle. “My favorite part about volunteering with Easter Seals is interacting with the kids through games and coloring,” said volunteer Lyndsay Webb.

Lastly, they put one recycling bin in each class, one large bin in the lobby, and set up a monthly pick up for us.


It has been such a great project for both parties involved. Norma Center, director of development at ESNG, said of the event, “It was so great to use the talents of a volunteer group like SIG in one of our centers. I think the kids and teachers really enjoy what they learned today and will continue the project for years to come.”

SIG definitely felt the same one. One volunteer summed up the project perfectly. “Teaching about recycling at Easter Seals was one of my favorite volunteer projects. We love educating the community about sustainability, especially children!” said Charlie Cichetti.

315 (1)

An extra gift for the project came in February when ESNG received the Green Apple Award from the US Green Building Council – Georgia. SIG nominated us for the award.


Monthly wrap up – March


March 21st marked World Down Syndrome Day. Celebrated on the 21st day of the third month of the year, the date is symbolic of the third copy of the 21st chromosome that characterizes Down syndrome. At ESNG, we have had the pleasure to provide services to several children who have Down syndrome. Whether they attend our child development centers, receive support from Champions for Children, or receive therapies from our early intervention services. Oliver is a two-year-old boy who has in-home physical therapy to help him reach his milestones. Read his story here.


March is a great month to highlight two integral parts of our early education and care program: social work and nutrition. Both are so important in creating healthy and happy children and families in our community.

Social work: earlier this month, we met one of our family support advocates, Ms. Kim Tillman. Read about what she does to help families reach self-sufficiency.


Nutrition: we also learned a lot from one of our nutrition specialists, Teedra Jones. She works with the child development centers to ensure our kids receive healthy and delicious foods to eat every day. Read her tips to incorporate healthy eating habits at home, too.


We made it to spring – a season in which we can finally enjoy the outdoors. To celebrate the beauty of inclusive sports, we spoke to a pioneer and an everyday athlete on this blog post.

Spring is also a season where we start traveling. Marjan Holbrook gave us some great tips on traveling with children with special needs on this blog post.


Around ESNG:

“The more you read, the more you know” – Dr. Seuss

It’s not a coincidence that Dr. Seuss’s birthday shares the same month as Read Aloud Month. All of our 11 child development centers celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with lots of fun reading time! At our Winder location, each classroom dressed up as a Dr. Seuss character and participated in a parade around the center. What a great way to bring books to life!IMG_20160304_111107

Brookvalley had an incredible STEM day on Tuesday, March 15. Children, parents, and teachers had a great time making edible cars. Each classroom, including the toddlers, made their version of a car using cookies, candy, fruits, and veggies. Everyone used trial and error to make the most beautiful and delicious looking cars. Here are some great photos from the day!

for blog

On Friday, March 25, Sylvan Hills offered an excellent parenting class at its facility. Darryl Freeman with Fathers Incorporated talked with moms and dads about the importance of having a strong father figure in their children’s lives. There is plenty of research backing this notion. In fact, children who spend quality time with their fathers are 80% less likely to be incarcerated, 75% less likely to become unwed parents, and twice as likely to graduate from high school and enter college.


Thank you:

Our Guice location received the 2016 Sibley Award to implement a STEM in early education initiative. Funding from the Harland Charitable Foundation and Pittulloch Foundation will improve the educational outcomes for 157 children, engage families in their children’s education, and increase teachers’ professional development. On March 30, ESNG received the award at Guice. Photos of the event can be found here.


On March 12-13, Century Novus Realty held its first annual Reels for Seals fishing tournament in Lake Wedowee, Ala. The event raised $5,000 for Easter Seals North Georgia’s early education, early intervention, and support services. ESNG thanks Century 21 Novus Realty, sponsors, and participants for their support!

reels for seals

PNC presented a gift of $6,000 to our Warsaw location. After volunteering at the North Fulton center, bank representatives saw our program in action. As an organization that supports early education programs, PNC’s financial contribution and employee engagement help us to improve the quality of people’s lives.

20160311_095514 (1)

At ESNG, we recognize and value the work of our volunteers. March was full of great groups of volunteers that visited many of our child development centers. These include VWR, Comcast YPL, Pinecrest, North Georgia College, Southwestern University, Trinity, Infinite Energy, and Salesforce. Click here for photos of the events.


Kids can volunteer, too!

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’ – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Monday, January 16, we will celebrate the achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King. An excellent way to do this is to come together to serve your neighborhoods and communities. Oftentimes these events are for people over 18 years old, but there are many kid-friendly activities everyone can do. We encourage you to gather your family members and participate in the MLK Day of Service. If that’s not possible, any of these ideas can be done year round.

  1. Help a neighbor in need – Winter is the season of joy, snow and sicknesses. See if you and your family can help a family who is feeling under the weather. Your children can walk their dog, collect their mail or rake leaves. deed-clipart-chores-kids-can-do
  2. Organize a board game day at your local senior center – Your children can collect board games and some friends to visit a local assisted living facility or nursing home. Both seniors and your children will enjoy an afternoon of cards or Battleship together. GAMES
  3. Pick up litter – Find a safe spot – perhaps your neighborhood, school or park – to beautify. Children will learn the importance of a litter-free environment while enjoying the outdoors.download
  4. Make a no-sew blanket – Blankets bring more than just warmth to those in need. A no-sew blanket is a great way for your child to help her community members in need. sewing-clip-art-as5807
  5. Plant a garden – Okay, this one may be more suited for the Spring, but you can start planning now! Planting a garden will show your children where food comes from, the basics of food science and the importance of sharing the bounty with the community members who do not have enough to eat.  Garden
  6. Make cards for senior citizens, military service members or children in foster care – Everyone enjoys a card! Spend a cold afternoon making holiday (valentines, birthday, Christmas) cards for those who need them the most. children arts and craft
  7. Keep the air clean – promote bike-riding and carpooling at your school to reduce traffic and air pollution. kids-riding-bikes-clipart-MiLLzXd9T
  8. Welcome kit – your children and their friends can create a welcome kit to new students at their school. It can include favorite restaurants and fun things to do. Group1[1]
  9. Collect items for local nonprofits – Community nonprofits are always accepting donations. Pick your favorite organization (ESNG, anyone?) and collect canned food, diapers, socks, toys, books…canned-food-drive-posters-21241533_BG1
  10. Raise money for local nonprofits – There are many ways your children can collect money for your favorite community organization: pet wash, lemonade stand, garage sale…il_340x270.461348538_lwe7

All of us at Easter Seals North Georgia hope you have a great MLK Day and are able to take the opportunity to help your community become better!

Have you and your family done any of these activities? Do you have any ideas to add?

Teach a child to read and you educate him for a lifetime

“Thursdays are the most exciting days at our house because my daughter gets a new set of books. All my children enjoy when I read the books to them. We act them out. They really make it fun.”


Today has been a day that really illustrates the importance of introducing the love of books to children early. This afternoon I went to our child development center at Guice which is one of ESNG’s two centers that have the Raising A Reader program. I wanted to see and take pictures of the kids getting their red Raising A Reader bags filled with books for them to take home. When I was visiting with Classroom G, there was a little boy there who kept bringing books to his teacher to read to him. Here’s a child whose family does not have a lot of money and has a developmental disability yet his love of books was phenomenal.


Then, after work I took my son to his school’s book fair. Here’s a room full of elementary-aged children who still truly loved books. Their excitement was just as phenomenal as the little boy in Classroom G.

The love of reading seems to be an innate in all children – no matter their ability or their family’s income. It is something that we have to foster in all children. A family that is engaged in their child’s learning and a child’s exposure to books are two key factors that set a child up for success not only in school but also in life.


I challenge all of you to:

  • donate children’s books
  • gift age-appropriate books at baby showers and children’s birthday parties
  • read to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews every day
  • volunteer to read at your nearest Head Start facility

ESNG has issued its signal for #GAGivesDay. Will you answer the call?


Facebook Cover Photo - GA Gives 2 (5)Georgia Gives Day is Thursday, November 12. This day is dedicated to giving to local nonprofits that do such great work to make our state beautiful, healthy and educated. At Easter Seals North Georgia, we encourage you to give on Thursday. Of course, we hope that you support our early education, early intervention and support services.

This year our theme is SUPERHERO because that is what we consider all of our generous donors. We are able to offer these life-changing services at little to no cost because of SUPERHEROES who donate to our programs.

We have issued the ESNG signal – will you answer the call?

Step 1: Suit up – Set up a fundraising page through GA Gives here. (Video instructions are here)

Step 2: Call your SUPERHERO FRIENDS (I mean even Batman was a part of the Justice League)! Email, tweet, post to all your social media platforms and ask them to give. (Sample posts with graphics can be found below).

Step 3: Use your SUPERHERO powers for the good of your community. In 24 hours of giving on November 12, you will make a difference in your community.

 Sample tweets: 

Sample posts:
November 2: As some of you may know, I support the programs and services of Easter Seals North Georgia. When you get a chance, take a look at their website [link to www.easterseals.com/northgeorgia]. Not only do they help children with special needs and their families during the most critical time of their lives, they help OUR community thrive. #GAgivesday

November 5: #GAgivesday is a week away on November 12. I encourage you to join me in supporting Easter Seals North Georgia. High-quality comprehensive early education makes a difference in OUR community. [ATTACH INFOGRAPHIC]

November 9: Thursday is #GAgivesday. I will be donating to Easter Seals North Georgia. Did you know a children living in poverty has 0-2 age-appropriate books in their home? A generous donation of $50 will supply an entire classroom with books. [ATTACH PICTURE]

November 12: Todays the big day! Have you participated in #GAgivesday yet? I have and I chose Easter Seals North Georgia. One of my favorite successes from their early intervention services is Anna. Through in-home speech and occupational therapies provided by Easter Seals, Anna is doing what most children with autism cannot do – engage and speak with others. Will you join me in supporting vulnerable children in our community? https://www.gagivesday.org/c/GGD/a/northgeorgia-easterseals

Infographic can be found here: http://goo.gl/RLinQp

Photo can be found here: http://goo.gl/8yKBYU

Questions? Please call Laura Kahn at 404-943-1070 and I can help!