Last Thursday we celebrated the end of the school year and the great job all of our staff does at our 11 child development centers and Babies Can’t Wait. One of our favorite parts of the day is when we recognize a person from each center. They receive an Individual Excellence Award for their commitment to the values ESNG holds true.

This year’s recipients are:

Brookvalley: Shirley Smith, Assistant Teacher

Guice: Linda Kilgore, Teacher

Linda Kilgore, Guice

Mansell: Yolanda Carrillo, Assistant Teacher

Yolanda Carrillo, Mansell

Premier: Julie Golphin, Teacher

Julie Golphin, Premier

Sylvan Hills: Erica Holmes, Family Support Advocate

Erica Holmes, Sylvan Hills

Warsaw: Michelle Gonzalez, Family Support Advocate

Michell Gonzaelz, Warsaw

Barrow: Kayla Mosher, Teacher

Kayla Mosher, Barrow

Jackson: Jenny Gentry, Teacher

Jenny Gentry, Jackson

Madison: Tiffany Moss, Teacher

Tiffany Moss, Madison

Walton: Sandra Channer, Family Support Advocate

Sandra Channer, Walton

Winder: Angela Walter, Teacher

Angela Walter, Winder

Jimmie Moss, a teacher from our Madison location, received the President’s Award. This award highlights the work of a staff member who goes above and beyond everyday duties.

Jimmie Moss, Madison

Staff also recognized President/CEO Donna Davidson for her hard work in leading the organization for the past 24 years.

Donna and Kathy

We also celebrated many staff’s anniversaries with ESNG.

Five years:

5 years

Pictured L-R: Angela Johnson, Warsaw; Shantay Howell, Guice; Rozza Gadson, Warsaw; Dorothy Anderson, Guice; Arshameyon Anderson, Sylvan Hills; Lynn Black, Guice.

5 years -2

Pictured L-R: Sherley Preal, Brookvalley; Mireya Moorer, Brookvalley: Tonya Marion, Sylvan Hills; Fawn Thomas, Guice.

Not Pictured: Bonar Kyles, Sylvan Hills; Johanna Ayers, Brookvalley; Bernice Baptiste, Mansell; Quiesta Laws, Warsaw; Charlene Molina, Mansell; Missy Phillips, Guice.

Ten years:

10 Years

Pictured L-R: Patricia Shepherd, Sylvan Hills; Angela Hughes, Sylvan Hills; Rose Johnson, Brookvalley; Julia Swift, Sylvan Hills; Tina Nguyen, Corporate; Cheryl McSweeney, Mansell; Dominque Vincent, Guice.

Fifteen years:

15 years

Pictured L-R: Zelda Nix, Mansell: Michael Murray, Guice.


Lendalee Dunn, Guice

We also wished the very best to Ms. Ethel Johnson who is retiring after 16 years of service with ESNG. Her co-workers at Sylvan Hills shared Ms. Johnson’s love with all of us!


If you are interested in working for an organization where you change the lives of vulnerable children, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for teachers, assistant teachers, nutrition techs, social workers, and administrative positions. Come join the ESNG family. Find out more here.

One thought on “Success Starts with our Staff

  1. This was my first time at the event and I truly enjoyed it. The food and entertainment was fun. I look forward to many years of being at this event.


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