National Teacher Appreciation Weeks is one of our favorite weeks of the year at ESNG. Last year, we profiled four of our early education teachers (read that post here). We had such a good time having them tell everyone about themselves, that we added a couple more teachers to the mix.

Without further ado:

IMG_2328Name: Rosa Arlotta
Child Development Center: Barrow
Classroom: B

Why did you start teaching? I wanted to be part of the most effective and enjoyable way to change the world.

What’s your favorite part of teaching? My favorite part is the moment when I know that a child has been helped.

How do you hope your teaching will benefit your children as they enter school? I hope my teaching can provide learning strategies that will benefit children as they enter K-12 school.

Name: Ida CanalesResized_20160503_121832
Child Development Center: Warsaw
Classroom: F

Why did you start teaching? When I became a mother, I realized how important your role is in a child’s life.

What’s your favorite part of teaching? To see how children grow in their knowledge and learning.

How do you hope your teaching will benefit your children as they enter school? I know they will be prepared for school. They already will have an understanding of a routine in a classroom and teacher. They will be happy and healthy as they start kindergarten.

…and we had a great announcement on Tuesday. One of a very own, Ms. Jimmie Moss, was honored at the White House for her excellent work as an early educator.


Ms. Jimmie has been teaching at Madison County Head Start for 17 years and has been a part of the Easter Seals family since we began administering the program in 2007.

When asked about the importance of being recognized by the White House, Ms. Moss focuses on her students. “I have been blessed with the opportunity to come to work every day and see the smiling faces of these precious children and to know that I will have a part – even though small – in their future. That is more reward than I could ever ask for,” she said.

Jeff Randa, manager of the child development center, said, “Ms. Jimmie epitomizes what it means to be a loving, caring and generous teacher. Her classrooms year in and year out are filled with happy, smiling, laughing children. She leads by example and creates a special, individual experience each day for her children, parents, and co-workers—every child believes that they are her favorite. She is certainly a very worthy recipient of this prestigious award and is exactly what every Head Start teacher should strive to be.”

So, even though the official teacher appreciation week is winding down, don’t forget the work educators do every day. They shape the minds, confidence, and lives of our youngest citizens. Thank you!


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