“Thursdays are the most exciting days at our house because my daughter gets a new set of books. All my children enjoy when I read the books to them. We act them out. They really make it fun.”


Today has been a day that really illustrates the importance of introducing the love of books to children early. This afternoon I went to our child development center at Guice which is one of ESNG’s two centers that have the Raising A Reader program. I wanted to see and take pictures of the kids getting their red Raising A Reader bags filled with books for them to take home. When I was visiting with Classroom G, there was a little boy there who kept bringing books to his teacher to read to him. Here’s a child whose family does not have a lot of money and has a developmental disability yet his love of books was phenomenal.


Then, after work I took my son to his school’s book fair. Here’s a room full of elementary-aged children who still truly loved books. Their excitement was just as phenomenal as the little boy in Classroom G.

The love of reading seems to be an innate in all children – no matter their ability or their family’s income. It is something that we have to foster in all children. A family that is engaged in their child’s learning and a child’s exposure to books are two key factors that set a child up for success not only in school but also in life.


I challenge all of you to:

  • donate children’s books
  • gift age-appropriate books at baby showers and children’s birthday parties
  • read to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews every day
  • volunteer to read at your nearest Head Start facility

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