I strongly believe that it is important to level the playing field and give eligible individuals equal access to community-based services and supports. This vital legislation will open the door to full participation by people with disabilities in our neighborhoods, workplaces, our economy, and our American Dream. – US Senator Tom Harkin  

With thosada-1990-poster-order-pizza-255x331e words on July 26, 1990 Congress enacted into law the Americans with Disabilities Act. This civil rights law prohibits discrimination based on disability. It also required employers to ensure reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities.

Nowadays this seems absolutely asinine that this would even be an issue, but it was. And, Easter Seals was right in the thick of getting this law passed. Because of that, we are celebrating this historic anniversary in several ways.

  • Easter Seals is hosting a Twitter Chat – ADA Today: Turning Reflection into Action – today, July 23 at 2 p.m. ET.
  • Test your knowledge of the past 25 years of progress with our ADA quiz.
  • Watch Senator Harkin deliver a moving speech on the Congress floor after passage of the ADA.
  • Read about Comcast executive and Easter Seals board member Fred Maahs’ experiences before and after ADA.
  • Learn more about legislative landmarks that have made a difference for people with disabilities.
  • Follow ongoing updates from Easter Seals National from people affected by the ADA.
  • Watch President Obama’s remarks on the ADA.

How has the ADA helped you these past 25 years? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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