Easter Seals founder, Edgar Allen, said it best:

“Your life and mine should be valued not by what we take…but by what we give.”

Volunteers are the lifeblood to the work ESNG does. In 2014, 11,000 volunteers logged 44,000 hours at our child development centers. They cleaned, painted, assisted teachers, and played and read to children. Their work makes a huge difference in the lives of the children at the centers.

The past couple of weeks, in particular, we’ve had quite a few volunteers at four of 12 our child development centers doing pretty much everything.volunteer3

1. Warsaw – Volunteers from Alpharetta-based LocumTenens spent four hours at our Warsaw center on June 25. They played and read to the kids. The volunteers also participated in water day!

See photos on our FB page: LocumTenens Volunteers at Warsaw

2. Guivolunteerce & Sylvan Hills – Volunteers from PwC came out to our centers at Guice and Sylvan Hills on June 30. There was a huge group coordinated by United Way of Greater Atlanta at both locations so they were able to get a ton of work done. A few volunteers played with the children, but since there are fewer kids than usual, the majority of the volunteers cleaned, painted and planted a garden. They did a spectacular job getting the centers ready for school next month (yeah, I said next month)!

See photos on our FB page: PwC Volunteers at Sylvan Hills Child Development Centervolunteer2

3. Jackson County – We are working on getting more volunteers at the ESNG child development centers in Northeast Georgia. An excellent step forward was a great group from Home Goods at our Jackson County center. There weren’t a ton of volunteers, but they sure did a ton of work. They cleaned, sanitized, and beautified the center. Center Manager Ms. Anderson was so appreciative she gave the volunteers a sweet gift from the children.

See photos on our FB page: Home Goods Volunteers at Jackson Co. Child Development Center

Summer volunteer tasks may not be glamorous, but they are truly appreciated. When the kids come back in August, they will have a clean and beautiful space to live, learn, and play.


Thank You for PWC

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